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About Jakub

Hello, my name is Jakub and my lifelong passion is discovering new places, which I try to capture in the best light with my camera. And if there’s something I’m fascinated and inspired by even more than taking pictures of landscapes, it’s wildlife. When I imagine an interesting landscape, into which a wild animal walks in, and the entire scenery is bathed in morning or golden sunset light, these are the moments to live for. Or to take my camera out for.

It was my dad who introduced me into the mysterious world of photography when I was 10 years old. The year was 1986. Every frame needed to be enlightened properly, because I only had 36 attempts. Then the film was develop and in the dark room, a photograph was born. All this process was full of mysteries and magical moments for me. As the years passed and my knowledge of chemistry grew, I was able to explain the secret logically, however my photographic beginnings were truly beautiful.

AFRICA: or how did this project begin and why should you keep reading?

I have been visiting Africa since 2014 and to this day, I have spent about 11 months there. Of that time, the first seven months were mostly about visiting my South African friends, with whom I have travelled and taken pictures at the safari. At the beginning of 2016, I met an old friend of mine, who was suffering from a complete burn out at that time. He knew he needed to make a significant change. And then Africa came across his way, and I went there for the first time not only as a photographer but as a guide as well. This was a breakthrough for him, and it led him to re-evaluate his entire life and everything the thought he knew. The journey changed his life. As it did mine. When my friend made his way back home, his friends and peers have noticed the change. They asked about, and he kept forwarding them to me. And so it happened that a year later, I visited Africa twice - in the spring and in the autumn. As a tour guide with a camera around my neck.

How am I doing it and why go to Africa with me?   

It might have just been a mere coincidence that during my first trip to SAR I came across Mrs Heather Reynolds. For more than 20 years, Heather has been running an orphaned children’s home God’s Golden Acre and has been helping tens of struggling families. She has also built several schools and can access places which only the locals or their friends can. Heather has years of experience as a tour guide, a driver, an expert on local customs, she is a fantastic story-teller and a beautiful soul. She was born in South Africa, same as her husband Patrick. As it was said, Heather has adopted about 150 children over the past nearly 25 years. And with a bit of hyperbole and humor, she somewhat adopted me as well. We’re this one big family and we’ll make sure you feel like a part of it too… As long as you want to, of course. You’ll get to meet the locals, their culture, language, you’ll discover South African Republic from a very different perspective than that of a tourist in a golden cage.

Do you have more questions? Are you interested in details? I invite you to visit the FAQ page on this website, where I pointed out and answered the most frequently asked questions and if you don’t find your answer even there, be sure to let me know. I’ll be happy to answer any inquiry.

Groups of 6+ people

If you’re travelling as a family or a band of friends with a headcount of 6+ people, and if you have your own ideas on what to see or do and wish to do it while accompanied by the locals? E-mail us your suggestions and places and surely, we’ll arrange it together.  

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