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Africa Autumn 2017

During our visit to the Howick Waterfall we also took a walk at the local promenade, where you can buy souvenirs or just enjoy a cup of iced coffee. Also, a walk to the bottom of the canyon is a very pleasant experience, where several interesting looks at the 100 yards long waterfall.

Africa Spring 2017

On our way to the Safari we stopped in Durban. There are about half a million people living there and the city serves as KwaZulu Natal province's capital. Durban is full of contrasts. Luxurious hotels and suites overlooking the Indian Ocean on one side, and on the other one abandoned and crumbling buildings and slums where even the police won't dare to go to. We enjoyed a pleasant walk on the promenade, where we bought souvenirs and swam in Indian Ocean's warm waters at the end of March.

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