Discover Africa through locals’ eyes

Trip Plan

  1. 1Departure Prague/Vienna, meeting up in Dubai.
  2. 2Arrival to Durban. Transfer to Cato Ridge - cca 60 minutes away from the airport - Highland Resort - accomodation in traditional randovels.
  3. 3Relax day in the resort - swimming in the pool, walks in the vicinity with photo opportunities, night by the campfire, roasting South African steaks, acquainting one another in company of Heather Reynolds and the Zulu Warriors.
  4. 4Leaving for the Drakensberg, horseback riding, accomodation in Sani Lodge, two-bed rooms.
  5. 5A trip in 4x4 jeeps to the state of Lesotho, visit to the highest elevated pub on the entire African continent.
  6. 6Hiking in the Drakensberg, medium difficulty - visiting the local caves and bathing in mountain river pools, don't forget your swimwear. Bathing and swimming is also possible in Sani Lodge's swimming pool.
  7. 7Return to the Highland Resort, shopping at the Pietermaritzburg Pier. Visit to the Hawick Falls - waterfalls and Nelson Mandela memorial. Night performace by the vocal choir Young Zulu Warriors.
  8. 8A trip by minibus with a local guide to local villages, visiting several families. There you can donate toys and clothes to the local children.
  9. 9Relax day in the resort. Or alternatively a trip to the beach near Durban - no additional surcharge.
  10. 10A trip to the small town of St. Lucia - visiting the beaches by the Indian ocean, accomodation in stylish Safari tents - flush toilet, shower, two-bed room.
  11. 11All-day trip to the Safari and the "big five"  - elephants, buffalos, rhinos, lions and leopards.
  12. 12All-day trip to the Protected Landscape Area Cape Vidal. Virgin beaches of the Indian ocean, cooking steaks, swimming.
  13. 13Foot Safari - antelopes, zebras, gnus, monkeys and more. Afternoon trip to the land of rhinos.
  14. 14Leaving towards Durban Intl. Airport
  15. 15Return to Prague/Vienna


It's important to say that this plan might be subject to change according to weather. We have considered everything thoroughly based on our options so that we can provide as many experiences as we can for all travellers. All changes to the programme are announced in advance and only happens to ensure maximum comfort for everyone.

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Total: 1850 EUR